SimplyAlfas Diesel Tuning System - Benefits

More BHP, More Torque, Less Emission and Saving Fuel Consumption

An enhanced ignition map leads to raised levels of efficiency, which in turn leads to reduced fuel consumption. The increase in torque facilitates a driving performance that requires fewer revs per minute and less accelerator pressure to achieve a given acceleration, therefore significantly lowering levels of fuel consumption. According to driving performance, savings of fuel consumption of between 10% and 20% are possible, meaning that your tuning system pays for itself very quickly.

A further advantage of the new add-on electronic control units with enhanced ignition control technology is their compliance with vehicle emissions standards. Through enhanced burning in all areas of vehicle performance, the fuel is 100% efficiently used, with soot and smoke being things of the past.  Because of this, unrestricted installation of the modules is also possible in vehicles with diesel particle filter engines.  Compliance with emissions standards is certified through the vehicle specific MOT certification.

  • With upto 30% more power and torque and up to 25% improvement in fuel economy, the SimplyAlfas Diesel Tuning System will totally transform your car.
  • The SimplyAlfas Tuning Systems digital tuning module is available for most diesel engines. (click here to find your vehicle)
  • The system features an on-board micro processor which can be specifically profiled with software to suit your exact engine resulting in an optimised engine map, resulting in increased power, improved fuel economy and lower emissions.
  • Up to 50+bhp increase and better fuel economy is possible with this system depending on your standard engine.
  • Purchase one of our Tuning Systems and SimplyAlfas will install it for you without any additional costs.
  • When the system is removed, your vehicles engine is automatically reverted to factory settings.
  • The SimplyAlfas tuning system can be re-programmed to fit many other applications if you change your current car.
All SimplyAlfas tuning systems are TUV approved and CE certified and come with a 3 year Replacement product warranty and 12 months engine warranty (subject to terms and condition)

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