Plug N Drive Diesel Tuning System - How it works

More BHP, More Torque, Less Emission and Saving Fuel Consumption

Today's diesel engines have many sensors which are controlled by the vehicles ECU.  These signals are processed many thousands of times in one second to maintain that the vehicle is running at its optimum efficiency, and keeping the emissions and economy at acceptable levels. The idea behind the tuning box is to intercept the signal between the ECU and the injection system usually the common rail and basically allows it to inject the perfect amount of fuel into the cylinders thus producing more torque and power.  Because of this the engine runs more efficiently, and the fuel consumption is improved because you would have to use less throttle for similar conditions.


The same unit is used for a large number of vehicles but different settings are uploaded into the unit.  When the box is plugged into your vehicle it will analyse the ECU signals and alter them.  This allows changes in injector opening times which increase or decrease the fuel rate to exactly the right amount, thus producing more torque and power.

Using latest digital technology the electronic control unit can give a driving performance so individual that it as though the original control unit software has been completely changed.  Four to eight ignition maps are placed in the memory for the first time that then go into action according to your required driving performance. This means the optimal matching of all control parameters at every level of performance.
This is possible through the use of high performance processors that facilitate the detailed real-time scanning of the ignition maps without influencing the internal protection functions.

A further novelty is the ability of the systems to adapt to the individual characteristics of your vehicle.  Over a short running-in period, the memory function detects the individual data for the differing fuel injection cycles. The information gained in this way provides the basis for the optimisation. The tolerances are then balanced and an optimal result is achieved with every vehicle without having to make any time consuming adjustments by hand.

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